humble abodeswandering roadssimple decisionsdifferent directionstaken abruptlyalmost robustlypositively exhilaratingultimately liberating by The Magnetic Compass

found myself

i lost youlittle girl frolicking in the playgroundinnocent little oneeyes filled with wonder for the things aroundi lost youyoung lady standing next to your motherlooking down at the floortoo shy to even botheri lost youwoman standing at a crossroadnot knowing what to doyour sacredness always showedi was born out of youyour humble insecuritiesmy greatest strengthsi…


then it camethe searing lightnever the same heart light as a featheryour grasp removedi feel much clearer the blinding lightilluminating my soulever so bright i feel so wholeconsumed by the lightwondering how the story unfolds by the Magnetic Compass


it has never bothered mefreedom of beingsolitude of thinkingloneliness of breathing it has never bothered meloneliness has grown to be a friendalone in a sea of voicesalone in a cave of emptinessit is all the samehollow, wanting, needing it has never bothered meas time goes bythe gaps between my fingers long for yoursthe cold side…


not a pessimista realiststuck in a world of harsh realitiestrying through little pleasantries finally livingtruly thrivinglooking for the brightnessmolded by shyness changed by every decisionholding onto every discretiontaught by your experiencesHolding out for the positives by The Magnetic Compass


darling you are doing greatwith stars in your eyesand joy in your heartsimple things set your soul alight you may not bewhere you thought you wouldbut beautiful thingstake time to beam you are one step closereveryday to creating a lifea life for yourselfbetter than those wondrous dreams keep on endingwatering those dreamsright now darlingyou are…


they all come in small momentsculminating into thissteering you to go they all come everydayevery morning when you wake upasking you to move they all come eventuallythe forks in our pathsforcing you to choose they all come sooner or laterthe big crossroads in your waybegging you to change they all come in timethe crossroads of…


only a few knows themhold them close to your heartdarkest secretsgreatest foes by The Magnetic Compass


awaiting your arrival soaking up the breeze your restless heart courses its way finding a home a place to stay enjoy the journey too few of us do i am here patiently awaiting you by The Magnetic Compass

last time

remember the last timeyou were here dearlytears shedding down my facea hope for a future  a simple futurethat was itthe last timebefore reality hit the trials of adulthood caught up to usdestiny paved its wayyou found someone elsei found myself do you remember the last timethat lingers with me from time to timea memory not…