21 December 2019 – Beginnings

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi, you don’t know me… Yet… However, be assured if you continue reading on, you will know me fairly well pretty soon. I am Madeleine, a 27-year old blogger with a passion for my job, family, culinary arts, writing and religion.

The name of this blog – The Magnetic Compass – comes from exactly all of these things. It comes from the journey of self discovery, using and molding the passions that I have to drive me closer to my purpose. I strongly believe God would not have given me these passions if He did not see any purpose for them.

My 9-5

I am an environmental scientist who believes that maintaining a balance between the need for developments, conservation of natural resources and socio-economic pressures is critical in today’s day and age. I love nature and regard the conservation thereof extremely high in all decision making processes.

My family

My family includes immediate and extended family. Typical of our culture, the families on both parents’ side are very large. Not only does the family unit include the fur babies, but also friends as well. I have heard someone say once: “I choose my family” and this has become increasingly significant in my own life as I live about 2000 kilometers away from any of my relatives.

Culinary love

I try not to take what I eat too seriously, however, I do prefer to keep things within the more healthy spheres of life, trying to limit fat and sugar intake as much as I possibly can. I love experimenting with colours, textures and flavor combinations. My true passions in the culinary arts lie within the creativity aspect thereof.


Growing up, I read every book I could get my hands on (very much like Matilda). As I grew older, the passion for reading translated to the passion for writing. My dream is to write stories that will entice the reader and leave you captivated by the characters and the story lines for weeks, even months on end.


My relationship with God has been a turbulent one in the past, with me falling into and out of building a relationship with Him through the years. I have never stopped believing in the miracles of He has and still will perform in my life. Recently, He has once again become the greatest priority and I am currently in the right mind to keep Him exactly there.

* * *

Now, I want to discuss the topics that will be covered in this blog. All the topics covered in the blog will be in line with the passions I have as mentioned above. I have chosen to do this instead of subjecting myself to be niche specific. I have tried niche-specific blogging styles in the past, however, I have found that this limits the topic potential immensely. So here is what we will be doing:

God. Science. Family. Cooking. Writing.

In order to see which topic and writing style is best suited for me, I will be following the following posting sequence for the next 31 days. After the 31 days, the content and reception of the various post types will be revised and refined. I will also be using this platform as a personal journal for the next 31 days (just as a heads up). My hope is that, in doing this, I will discover what type of content truly draws me to my computer, inspires the best quality of life in me and hopefully you will find some form of inspiration or motivation in the contents as well.

If you are still here, thank you for bearing with me.

Let’s the journey begin.

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