Contemplating the dream life

As part of the self-discovery journey that we have been following, we will be contemplating the lives we want for ourselves, whilst appreciating the lives we have right now. Personally, I am a firm believer in embracing the circumstances you are in right now, as it makes you stronger and provides you with a hope for the future. However, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about the tomorrow you deserve. Else we would merely stay where we are in life, not moving forward and not moving back. Through painting a picture with your worlds, you must remember that success looks different in every other person’s life. It is measured differently, based on personality and the season of life which that person is in at any one time of their lives.

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“If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not your paycheck.”

Jen Welter

This chapter of the self-discovery journey will outline what my dream life would look like in this very moment and subsequently what success in goal determination would look like. In order to properly visualize your dream life, you would have to considered a couple of questions.


Where would I be working in this dream life?

I would be working from home entirely with my eight hours in a work day being equally distributed between being an environmentalist and being a blogger. In this dream life, I spend my environmental working hours on projects that provide a feeling of meaning and sensibility, where the inputs from are valued. For the blogging aspect of the work life, would include writing pieces in honor of God. The pieces written would provide the hopeless with hope and encouragement, provide insight into the business of blogging and allow others to experience personal growth through the journeys that has been undertaken by myself.

In my dream life, the blog would have a traveling component as well, which would allow me to travel to Spain, France, Rome or Amsterdam which are among the various countries that I would love to visit one day.

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In your dream life what would your finances look like?

In my dream life, I would not ask for much, just enough. Enough meaning, if I want to go to the store to buy myself something nice, I would be able to do it without hesitation or having to decide between eating and having this item. Financial success to me would be to able to go on spontaneous trips for a weekend away and not have it greatly impact my budget for the month. In other words, in my dream life, I would not have to live from paycheck to paycheck.


In your dream life where would you live?

People often ask me if I would move out of South Africa. The simple, honest and short answer is, no. I would not forsake this country. I hope and pray for the future of this country, endlessly. Regardless of everything going on in South Africa. You need to know, that South Africa is one of the most diverse, beautiful, friendly, scenic countries imaginable. It holds the beauty of lush vegetation and the eeriness of a tumbleweed scene in a movie.

In my dream life, I would have a big, beautiful house, with large windows in every room. The house would have a beautiful landscaped garden, filled with indigenous plants leading into a fairy-like garden with a little stream leading to a pond. The house will be equipped with the most advance developments in sustainable living. It will be fitted with a 25 m pool, allowing for me to still practice my swimming.

What would your lifestyle look like in your dream life?

This one actually ties in a lot with the rest of the considerations. In my dream life, my lifestyle would include the satisfaction of my longing for traveling. As someone who has never left South Africa, who has seen most of what this country has to offer (I really love road trips), I long to travel internationally. I dream of seeing Greece, Finland, New York, Switzerland just to name a few more.


In my dream life, I would be in a church where the Holy Spirit permanently resides in and there is no politic agendas infused into the congregation. All the pastors would be working towards a similar vision and no favoritism will be exhibited in the congregation. In my dream life, I would find a place in the church where I could help people and serve the Lord with no reservations.

The dream would be to be able to go to a ballet, orchestral concert or art gallery at least once a month. Attending various social gatherings, not clubbing in particular or spectacular drinking events, rather things like the Parkrun or music festivals and outdoors concerts. On the contrary to this busy lifestyle, I would like to have a balance between what I just described and a peaceful life, where my friends, family and I have game nights or movie nights, or just going for coffee or a round of pool. My dream life would see me being fit and healthy, with me having done a few of the major athletics events such as the Comrades, the Iron Man, the Two Oceans marathon and the Cape Argus.

What would your relations look like in your dream life?

This one was a little bit more difficult to put it to words, purely because it sounds utterly ridiculous, even to me. If you know me at all, you would not believe what you are about to read. I want to get engaged before the end of the year. The trick now would be to lock the person down who I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with before the end of the year (Well at least there are 9 months left of the year). In my dream life, I would be happily married with a little bouncing baby boy, having traveled the world, I would have my own house and car and would be writing for a living.

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“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.”

Denis Waitley

Are there any other questions that you have answered in order to formulate your own dream life? What does your dream life look like in your mind’s eye. How hard are you working toward this dream life? Let us start working towards success. Even if we fail today, we will still be closer to this our dreams lives than we were yesterday.

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