A year of transformation – 2020 Quick recap

Goodness, it has been a long time since I have posted anything online (or at least as part of the Magnetic Compass). Let’s just say, this year has proven to be a transformative one. I have not been completely AWOL. If you have been following the site itself in the last few months, you would have noticed that I have made a few changes on here. So if you have time, have a peak about. After reading this post, that is.

What a journey the last couple of months have been, on all levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I do not think there is anyone in the world who has not been affected in one way or another by the events of this year. Whether by the physical impact, the residual impacts or the economic impacts of the events leading us to August 2020.


2020 – The year for change

Now, who saw this coming? Not me. They say the whole situation that we are in affected every person’s mental state differently. I can vouch for this. I was obsessive in the beginning, not about the cause of the situation, but obsessive over the number of people affected. Then one day, I told myself that it all had to stop and I had to start living my life and had to embrace our new normal. There are others who still, to this day obsess over everything. You know what? That is fine. Let them. Every person grieves loss in different ways. That is exactly what all of this has brought us. This year has brought loss into each and every person on this earth’s life, a loss of the life they know. In South Africa, we have come to accept and adapt to the new normal. We have found our way around it, but so many other countries have not been as fortunate.


Allow me to take you back to March 2020, shall I? The day chaos stuck in South Africa: The day the National Lockdown was announced. Prior to the events of this announcement, I was en-route to Johannesburg. However, once the announcement was made, being in a foreign province alone during a fully fledged lockdown would not have been very favourable for me mentally. Thus, the plans changed a bit and I took a trip down to my parents in Betty’s Bay. I stayed there for the first two months of lockdown before moving to Johannesburg in June once the restrictions were eased. Throughout my time in Betty’s Bay the gratitude and the privilege I felt for being able to spend this time with my family could not have be subdued by any anxiety felt over the situation. I think it was the fact that we were together that we all managed to maintain level heads throughout this time. There is no love that can be compared to that of compassionate family members. I will admit, the pandemic, but more specifically the lockdown worked on my psyche and my spiritual wellbeing. There were days in the first few months that things went well, but then there were the other days… Luckily, the brighter days were far more regular than the dull ones, else who knows where we would have ended up.


Coming to Johannesburg was probably one of the best moves (geographically speaking) I have made in my life (and I have moved a lot). I feel at home here in the big city. I miss the ocean, but then I see the skyscrapers and I feel like this is where I belong – even if it is just for a little while. This time has allowed me to grow more into myself than the last 6 years have allowed for this.

About a month after arriving in Johannesburg, a new journey started, one to mend my body, spirit, soul, mind and my dreams. The dreams and the body part have been a bit unstable (I like eating), but we will get there eventually. In order to help my soul, I have started painting, drawing, writing, seeing friends and family and reading. I have outlined the things I need to do to pursue my dreams and have made headway with working towards them. In addition to this, I have been picking up and running with other dreams as well. The Magnetic Compass – This is one of my big dreams.



This leads me to where I want this website/blog to go. Truth be told, the vision for this website has not changed at all. I still want it to be a Christian based lifestyle blog. Just with a lot more regularly uploaded content. I have harnessed the powers of an accountability partner in order to help us both push forward toward the dreams we have for our own lives). This same type of effort is being put into another big dream of mine. I will share more on that one at a later stage, but that one is very niche specific ;).

Now, here is where my heart is at. It feels all good and what not to have this master plan to work towards. Believe me when I tell you, I am working hard towards it.


As a summary: 2020, you have been one hell of a ride. You have been devastating and relentlessly life-changing, but quite honestly I am not ready to let go of you yet. To date you have taught me immeasurable growth, strength and appreciation like no other year before you and dare I say that even with all your rules, you have treated me far better that 2019 ever could. Hazaar! For the next four months of this year, may we all get to 2021 much stronger than we left 2019.

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  1. Indeed a year of great transformation and rediscovery of so many aspects of life. Love your posts!

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