Revisiting the past: The List explained (Part 3)

It is good to go back to your roots every now and again, just to touch base and rediscover where your passion and drive came from and to reevaluate where you are going to. Today’s breakdown of the 30 Before Thirty List includes four things that I have either stopped working on or that left a lasting impression on me and I am sure number 10 would leave an impression on you as well.

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So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is Organo Gold), and let’s get right to it.


30 Before Thirty # 8: Write and publish a book

I have started writing a book numerous times in the past before. However, every time I started something got in the way of me finishing the pages. Me. I’m the reason. Every time at some point of writing, I would either get bored, the story would become too complex or I just found time slipping between my fingers (and the motivation to finish the book fleets with it). So, what I was thinking, was to use one of the old concepts I was working with and bring it back to life. All the while actually getting to a point of finishing the story.


30 Before Thirty # 9: Start my own business

This brings me right into the next item on the list. I have been talking about starting my own business now for the last couple of years. The idea shifted between becoming an environmental consultant in my own right, a Geographic Information Systems Professional, and a combination of both. However,  as time passed by, I realized that consulting in any of its forms is not really suited for me. Therefore, I started considering other revenues that could incorporate my love for writing and the years of experience obtained through environmental and GIS consulting. I think I have it. I am going to start up and run an Environmental Journalism website. This would provide a small little stepping stone toward my eventual freedom.


30 Before Thirty # 10: Go to the Cango caves

When we were 7 and 9, my parents took my brother and I on a trip to explore the eastern parts of the Western Cape, it was on this trip that we went to Oudtshoorn (the ostrich capital of South Africa – if that is what you would call it), Hartenbos (where we went shell searching at 6 am in winter and I nearly froze my limbs off – not even an over-exaggeration) and when we went to the Cango Caves. I honestly don’t remember much about the caves, all I remember is the feeling of complete awe as we motioned through the various chambers. After studying geology and geography in varsity I also got a new appreciation for the structures in caves and would love to experience them again.


30 Before Thirty #11: Go back to blonde

Growing up, I always had blonde hair. I went through a couple of phases when I got the craving to go dark, but nothing like this phase that my hair is in now. About 2 years ago to the date, I dyed my hair brown and this is the longest brown streak I have been in. It is almost black at this point in time and I am so ready to go back to my roots before I hit 30. Not only that the regrowth is a weird mousy blonde and almost looks grey against the dark color, so something needs to change. Beyond that, I miss the blonde hair. So it’s time to make the change back to my basics.


This concludes items number 8 to 11 of the 30 Before Thirty list. Do you want to join in on the fun? Create your own list today, tag The Magnetic Compass on Instagram, and we can start following each other’s journey.

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