Uncharted waters: The list explained (Part 4)

I will tell you this much, this journey has definitely been an eye-opening one for me thus far. In working towards completing the things on the 30 Before Thirty list, I have really been able to get out of the house and expand my creative mind. I have thought of so many new things that I want to do and pursue. Writing them out or explaining these items has helped me to visualize these things that they are not just nice ideas floating around in my head. So, thank you for joining me.

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So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is Organo Gold), and let’s get right to it.


30 Before Thirty #12: Move to Cape Town or back to Betty’s Bay (under special circumstances)

About 4 and a half years back, my entire family moved to Betty’s Bay in the Western Cape. As time went by, I started looking for places in the city. I found a little place in Gordon’s Bay (Vrede en Rus). That was a whole situation. A cultural shock, if you will. I must add, that these were the best neighbors I have ever had. Between drinking and smoking in the hallways together, we could talk for hours (to the dismay of the other blocks). Our block was the problematic block of the small complex. In time work got hectic and I decided to head back to Richards Bay after which I moved to Gauteng (where I have now been for another year and a half to the date).

I do believe it is time to leave this area behind and take root in Cape Town (or its surrounding areas). I really like Betty’s Bay, but I would also love to live in Melkbosstrand or Bloubergstrand. Perhaps, if time allows in the December break, I will be able to explore those areas and find the area that would be the best fit for myself.


30 Before Thirty #13: Fall in love

Hard to believe that an almost 30-year-old woman has never been in love before? Well, it is true. The truth is, throughout the last 29 years of my life I have never really put myself out there. For one I have always been too shy to make a move or if I am interested in a guy, I get bored with the shallow conversations so quickly, I lose complete interest in him (don’t know if you know this, but most guys on dating apps are not there for the right reasons (Feels like that phrase has been trademarked by the Bachelor franchise). Another hard fact is that I have always hidden behind my work and my workload. An imbalance I have been trying to correct these last couple of weeks. Trying to physically put myself out there again. I am going try to stay off of dating apps for as long as possible. I would love to meet a guy in an organic matter. Isn’t that the dream?


30 Before Thirty #14: Go to Mauritius

For someone who has traveled across most of the country, one would think that I have at least been out of South Africa once… Nope. I need to change that. I saw right before I started writing this post, that I would be able to do a trip to Mauritius for 7 nights for under R 15 000 in some instances. The package deals really didn’t look all that bad. So, I was thinking, next year in the first week of May (that is right before my birthday) I want to take the trip to Mauritius. That is if the status quo in both countries (with regards to COVID-19) allows it.


30 Before Thirty #15: Get a dog

I have been wanting a dog for a while now. An ever-loyal companion. Sure I have my cat, Rusty, but this little guy only loves me when I have food for him (probably on me as well, I raised him like a dog… treats and all… He can even do tricks like a dog can). Other than that, he is very independent. I love him to bits, but he doesn’t really act like the cute and cuddly, emotional support animals that you always see on Instagram. At least he is cute though.

The dream would be to get a white german shepherd. I don’t know why, but ever since I can remember, I have always wanted one of them. Besides, I think it is time for Rusty to get a sibling now. He has been an only child for 3 years now (I can’t believe how the time has flown by).


So that is just about it from my side regarding these four items on the list. Have you started your own list yet? I really think you should. We can do this together. Doing life is so much more fun when you are doing it with others. Make your bucket list today and tag The Magnetic Compass on Instagram.

Until next time.

The Magnetic Compass

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