Blogmas 2021

Hello everyone! These last couple of years have been absolutely non-sensical. So, I decided that putting out a post every Monday and Thursday, as well as a poem every Friday, just was not enough to bust my restless writing brain. So, let’s make our favorite time of the year even busier, shall we?

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This year I am doing 25 days of Blogmas (starting tomorrow on the 1st of December 2021)! Just to have the list somewhere, I decided to share my prompts for this festive season with you (you know how much I love listing things). Let’s see how many of these prompts I can follow and stick to. This year’s Christmas for our family is going to look a little bit different. This year, instead of doing the house up and having a home filled with the extended family, our nuclear family is going camping in Cape Agulhas (The Southernmost point in Africa) for the week preceding and following Christmas). That means that Christmas time will look a little different than other years.

So, it is up to us to make the season jolly! So, I have already started my gift-acquiring (I say this because some of the gifts I bought and others I am making myself) and gift wrapping process (I will share this with you sometime this month. Other than that, I have nothing really planned out for this Festive season. We are waiting on the next Presidential address. Then things will start rolling again on that front.


So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is Organo Gold), and let’s get right to it.

The Magnetic Compass 2021 Blogmas prompts (in no particular order):

  1. Getting ready for the office holiday party
  2. Christmas gift ideas for coworkers
  3. Christmas gift ideas for the whole family
  4. My personal wishlist (I’ll be honest, there is only one thing on my list thus far)
  5. Favourite Christmas movies
  6. Favourite Christmas songs (classics)
  7. Favourite Christmas songs (new music – Yes, I am counting Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe as new)
  8. Favourite Christmas themed Instagram Reels
  9. Decorations for the holidays
  10. Travelling for the holidays
  11. Christmas Holiday destinations in South Africa
  12. Christmas time in South Africa
  13. Christmas cocktails
  14. Stocking stuffer gift ideas
  15. A letter to Santa
  16. DIY Christmas wrapping
  17. DIY Christmas gifts
  18. Small businesses to support – last minute Christmas gift rush
  19. A reflection on the past year
  20. The verdict on New Years Resolutions
  21. All about Christmas cookies and baking to make the season bright
  22. The Christmas photo challenge
  23. Christmas feasts in South Africa
  24. Christmas Eve
  25. Christmas Day


Will you be joining in on the Blogmas festivities? Follow this list, or create your own. I would love to read your Blogmas posts! Comment your blog name and let me know on which day in December you are starting your journey. Let’s make this Blogmas one to remember. To follow along with Blogmas, subscribe below today.

Until tomorrow

The Magnetic Compass


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marija says:

    This is such a nice idea and so up my street! I’m late to the game, the party, I missed it completely but hopefully more people share their December like this. It’s a treat 🙂


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