Blogmas 2021 – Day 1: Getting ready for the holiday office party

Welcome friends, old and new! Today we kick off the 25 days of Blogmas in a grand old fashion. Preparing for a good old company Christmas getaway weekend. These last two years have been weird. With no one working in the office at the moment, it feels weird to call it an office party. So let’s call, whatever we are having a company year-end trip. My colleague and I are driving down to the coast tomorrow morning at 4 am. So this should be fun. So I have to prepare a full montage of things this evening before I can go to bed. Note: as I am writing this, it is already 10:00 PM, so we’ll see how much I get done.


So basically the holiday company getaway this year is an overnight affair, with me sleeping over at a friend’s house both tomorrow and on Saturday evening. All and all, I think it will be a fun trip right before the December break.

So, to get ready for this holiday company getaway, I am obviously going to have to pack a suitcase, and my old reliable overnighter will work perfectly for this trip. I may have over-stocked on clothes for the three days. Oopsie. Rather prepared than not.


The itinerary for this weekend is basically: We are driving through to Ballito (in KwaZulu-Natal) tomorrow morning, at which time my colleague will drop me off at my friend’s. On Friday, the fun and games begin when my colleagues come and pick me up Friday to start the day off with lunch at the hotel where we are staying for the evening. This will be followed by a spa trip and the evening will be concluded with a fancy lunch at the hotel. All and all, this sounds amazing. The next morning we are all having breakfast together and then hitting the beach for a little outing before they drop me off at my friend’s again. The whole trip concludes with the trip back home on Sunday morning.


As part of Friday evening’s festivities, we are doing the Secret Santa gift exchange. I am very excited about the person whom I had to be Secret Santa to this year. I like making gifts as personal to the person as I can be (I will share a bit more of what I got for her during one of the later Blogmas posts this week). This was a difficult year, as with so many people coming and going, there were only a few people with whom I really connected with at work throughout this year. Hopefully, it will be better next year.

All and all, this trip is probably my shortest trip for the year, but also the most versatile of the year. I am so excited! Between the casual short road trips to the fancy dinners and the strolls along the beachfront, I think that this will definitely be a good trip to end the year off on, whilst I patiently wait for feedback on various prospects.


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Until tomorrow.

The Magnetic Compass

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