Blogmas 2021 – Day 3: Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I am a little bit too old to be writing letters to Santa, but it felt like it was necessary this year. To ask for a little Christmas miracle from Santa. It feels sort of silly, being in this place. This place where I am hoping for a bit of magic. In recent times, I have stopped hoping for things to happen in life. I have really started living and working for the things I want and need in life. However, I still feel like there is no answer or right way to do this without a bit of Christmas magic. So, Santa, I am seeking your help…

My physical Christmas list only consists of one item this year. You know, one physical item (a little drone which I can use to take footage when hiking), but there a two big things I want for Christmas. The real things I want for Christmas, goes far deeper than that. And I am not even sure if all of your Christmas magic can help with this one.

All I really want for Christmas

All I really want this year for Christmas rhis year, is to meet a man I can spend this Christmas and all future Christmasses with. Whether we have known each other for one day or many years. A man that can look at me and go: Yip, she is the one that I want to do life with. A man who can handle my intensity, my crazy schemes, my need for being free whilst being held by the hand. A man that can love me without being overbearing. Santa, this man seems like someone I can only dream about. Even if he exists… Where do I find him before Christmas? I have made a promise to myself a long time ago to not go searching for love and at that, not need love either. I do not live in a way of lacking. Some promises are harder to keep to yourself than others are, Santa.

The other thing I really want for Christmas

Santa, the other thing I really want for Christmas this year, is the prospect of a new beginning for the new year. Whether it is a new job, a big move, or this blog soaring to new heights, giving me a bit more freedom, both financially and physically. That is a big wish this year. Santa, I know that these things need a little push from myself, and I am working towards it, but I feel like I need a little help to get the breakthrough I need. A little Christmas magic.

Santa, every now and again we can all do with a sprinkle of Christmas magic over our lives. It feels like this year, I need a whole bucket filled with it to get me out of this dull slump I have been in. Santa, this year my Christmas wish is one of love, possibility and prosperity. Here’s to me waiting on you.


The Magnetic Compass

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