Feeling adventurous: The 30 Before Thirty list explained (Part 5)

Throughout the last couple of weeks, in writing these weekly posts, I have come to realize just how stale my life had become. You know, now that I am getting out and about trying to do the things on the list. I am doing things I have never done before, seeing places (on and off of the list) I didn’t think could be possible to see. It has really been such an eye opening experience thus far, and I am excited to share the rest of these experiences with you as well.

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So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is Organo Gold), and let’s get right to it.

30 Before Thirty #16: Go skinny dipping

Before you start chastising me, hear me out. What can be more liberating than to go for a dip in the pool of water while you are in a mountain range after a long day of hiking? Or a dip into the ocean staring out at the sunset whilst on holiday? I am by no means a nudist and would probably not feel comfortable going skinny dipping if there are other people within the vicinity, but doing it just once whilst on holiday, has always been something I have been wanting to do.

30 Before Thirty #17 and #18: Have a proper road trip/Visit Port Elizabeth

I have always loved the open road and ever since 2016, I have made a point out of going out for a proper road trip at least once a year. A trip not pressured by having to get between point A and B as quickly as possible. Honestly, kind to think of it, I haven’t had a trip like that in years. With Corona and work having dictated my last couple of cross country ventures, I have been forced into approaching my travels in a way that has not been enjoyable to me.

So, you would have noticed that I grouped item 17 and 18 together. That is because, these two can have some overlap when the road trip comes up. So, the itinerary would be to start the trip in Cape Town and follow the road through Mossel Bay or Oudtshoorn, to the Great Swartberg Pass, staying over at both for one evening. The trip then leads to Gariep Dam (one of my personal favorite places to see in South Africa) and then a trip to Kimberley (to see the Hole) and then home, with one more rest stop in an unknown little town.

Honestly speaking, I don’t really know where I would fit in Port Elizabeth into this trip as described above, but it would have to be before heading up North to Gariep. I would love to go to Port Elizabeth again as I haven’t been there since 2018 and I miss my friends and family that all live there (my parents both grew up there, and I ended up studying there). So before my 30th birthday, I would love to visit the South coast again.

30 Before Thirty #19: Conquer my stage fright

Being on or near a stage, the prospect of speaking to a conference room filled with people, doing a live story on Instagram, and even just sending a simple voice note. These are all things that seem to push my anxiety through the roof. Since I can remember, public speaking has been an adverse fear of mine. Before 30, I hope to break this vicious cycle and that stage fright would be something well in my past. I do think this would give me more confidence in myself. Perhaps the workings towards a good 30 day challenge to attempt.

So, there you have it, the next 4 items on the list explained. Have you had time to make your list as yet? Have you written about it? Comment down below and we can follow along on eachother’s journeys.

Until next time,

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