Stay Golden – A visit to the Golden Harvest Park

One thing that I have realized in the last few weeks, is that Gauteng has an abundance of little nooks and crannies where you can escape to after a long day of work. Yes, it took me one and a half years to come to this realization, but I think as South Africa is heading into the next wave of Covid-19, it is important to discover these little hiding spots where we can get out. The Golden Harvest Park in Johannesburg is the perfect place to escape to.

The park is absolutely beautiful, with numerous pathways and large lawns sprawled throughout. There is even a sizable dam located within the park where you can fish (Remember to bring your fishing permit!).

The broad pathways make for a leisurely stroll and ensure that you do not come into too close contact with the other individuals using them. The park is one of the biggest public parks I have been to and is extremely well kept. Considering the fact that the only reason why I turned around was that I (once again) went for a walk with ballet pumps on. The pathways towards the back end of the park are not very pumps-friendly (she admits sheepishly…).

The park is filled with more than enough amenities for adults and children alike. With playgrounds and sports fields to keep young and old entertained. The fact that this park is pet-friendly adds to the appeal thereof.

All and all, my experience at the Golden harvest park was incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to exploring the park further when I am back in Gauteng in January! Maybe I’ll even join in on the park’s Parkrun next year (5 km doesn’t feel that long in this park).

How often do you visit parks in your area? Do you tend to go alone, or are you a pack traveler?

Until next time,

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