Blogmas 2021: Day 6 – Christmas movies to look out for (new)

I’ve always believed that the classic Christmas movies are what define the festive season and the holiday spirit in terms of light entertainment. However, in the last couple of weeks, I have started indulging in the newer Christmas movies flooding Netflix and in some cases, YouTube (The latter may not always be permissible, but you will always find those cheesy Hallmark movies on there with a sketchy name if you try hard enough). So, in an attempt towards enlightenment, I would like to share the Christmas movies and series that I have discovered in the last couple of weeks, that, albeit not the absolute classics (see my ultimate favorites here), really got me jingling all the way.

New Christmas Movies to get you Jingling all the way

1) The Princess Switch series (1st: 2018)

Following a baker, Stacy DeNovo, and the Duchess of Montenaro, Lady Margaret Delacourt (both portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens) the movie approaches the festive time in a Prince and the pauper narrative. The movie sees the two women navigate the lives expected from them whilst embarking on a few unexpected adventures. Throw in the crazy, completely over-the-top cousin of Margaret, Fiona (also portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens) the cheese-fest will have you hooked through all three movies (the latest being released in 2021).

2) The Christmas Chronicles (1st: 2018)

A beautiful tale of the Pierce siblings who recently lost their father in the call of duty. After derailing Santa’s Christmas Eve gift delivery route, it was up to Kate and Teddy Pierce to help Santa save Christmas. Santa even through in a new jingle our way (in both movies). The movies are both lighthearted and heartfelt with both the kids experiencing a lot of character development throughout. Can they save Christmas? Or did they ruin it forever?

3) Single all the way (2021)

Single all the way came out this year (2021) and is a fun family film centered around the love life of Peter who visits his family with his best friend and roommate, Nick, for the holidays. This movie left me to root for all the relationships that Peter enters into, as all of his romantic interests are absolute sweethearts throughout the movie.

4) The Christmas House (2020)

Magic Mike is back in town, ladies! Well, it’s not Channing Tatum this time… This time it’s Robert Buckley and he portrays an actor who was actually a magician in his younger years. He is home for the holidays, charming his next-door neighbor whilst helping his mother (Sharon Lawrence), father (Treat Williams), brother (Jonathan Bennett) and brother in law (Brad Harder) put up the Christmas house. You have never seen the halls being decked out like this before.

5) A Cinderella Christmas (2016)

A very Christmassy twist on an old classic tale. The movie follows an interior decorator as she decorates the house of a wealthy playboy for a Christmas party and subsequently his impending wedding. A wedding, might I add, to a woman he does not know… Or does he?

3 Christmas Series to get you binging through the festive season

1) Happy Merry Whatever (Season 1: 2019)

This star-studded holiday series follows the holiday escapades of the Quinn family with patriarch, Don (Dennis Quaid) leading all familial qualms at the helm. Disney fans will be delighted to see some of their favorite actors and actresses gathered together for this holiday gathering. It’s a trainwreck of a holiday that you just cannot look away from once you start watching.

2) Blown Away Christmas (Season 1: 2021)

A spin-off series from the original Blown Away series follows the competition staring 5 glassblowers from the original series fighting for a chance to be the Blown Away champion. The glass creations they create will absolutely set you into a nostalgic spin as you follow each of the glassblowers, gaining admiration for each of their unique styles and techniques. Falling in love with Christmas in a whole new way.

3) Sugar Rush Christmas (Season 1: 2019)

This is a baking competition with a very festive spin (granted there has been numerous other seasons of this series as well, but this spin-off of the original is by far my favorite), hosted by Hunter March, with Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo as judges, is a delectable series that invites likeminded entertainers to indulge in a festive baking competition. The imaginative creations will have you drooling within the first 5 minutes of watching.

These Christmas movies and series always have the same trend, don’t they? The big-shot main character comes home for the holidays and either falls in love with their high school sweetheart or the cutie down the road. For some reason, these types movies and series always see their fair share of familial conflict staged over the festive season. All is always well that ends well. The formula has worked and will always work for many years to come. For as long as there are suckers like me that eat the holiday cheesiness right up, these movies will always have their place in pop-culture.

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