2021 Reflections: It was a rough one

Every year this time of the year, it feels important to do proper reflections and take stock of the year that has passed. Through this, identifying things that need to change in life to make the quality of life better. In order to evaluate life at any given time, I use the wheel of of life, a system using a 10 point system to grade every focus area on your life. This provides a measurable and comparative value to the areas in your life. Granted, I haven’t done this exercise in about 2 or 3 years, and it shows. My core areas at present are: Friends and Family, Romantic interests, Career, Health, Home Environment, Finances and Spiritual Well-being.

Friends and Family

This year was a good year in terms of friends and family (she says, knowing that she gave it a 4/10 rating). Even though I did not get to visit my family as often as I would have like to, the conversations we had and the time spent together were qualitative. I do wish I had more friends in Gauteng (that would definitely improve the rating), however this was entirely my own fault, as I only really started going out and about at the end of the year (you know, since the list started coming into effect)

Plan of action

  • For the coming year, I am going to open myself up to meeting new people and making more than one friend in Gauteng.
  • I would also love to see my family more often as well this year.

Romantic interest

This section was given a 2/10 rating as this year was by far less eventful in comparison to other years. With no romantic interests anywhere in sight (or guys who I was interested in). I would have loved to have a little more meat in the romance department, however, as for the friends department in Gauteng, I only started climbing out of my shell at the end of the year. Not only that, work loads kept me restricted as well (but more on that later).

Plan of action

  • This coming year, I am going to be more open to meeting guys and falling in love.
  • I will also be more adapt to new experiences which could lead to me meeting new men.


Seems like it is all downhill from here. This section was given a 1/10. This year was a very difficult year at work. This has led to me making a promise to myself to never have a repeat of this year again. Between being over worked, having to do my own work an picking up where an old co-worker left off, having to fight for the nice projects, the amount of new people in the company, with the baggage (impacting workloads) that came with every old and new individual, and then just me being genuinely unhappy with work in general (as I lost every ounce of passion I had for my work). Things were emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting at work.

(Honestly, everytime I stated writing this section, I had to stop after the first section. It took so much out of me to write this simple paragraph)

Plan of action

  • Start a new business (Or actually get The Environmental up and running and stay productively working on it).
  • Do my best at all times and ONLY work during allocated work times.
  • Work at office spaces in town instead of working at home the whole time.
  • Not take anything at work personally (people or situations).


This section was given a 4 out of 10 this year. The last few months were definitely better than the first section of the year… Or so I thought… What I have realized in the last few days is even thought I have become more active my diet has definitely not been very good for me (I only realized this as my nails are currently extremely brittle).

Plan of action

  • Have a healthy, balanced diet filled with all the required nutrients and goodness.
  • Do 6000 steps a day.
  • Go for a run everyday.
  • Go for a hike every weekend.

Home environment

With a rating of 4 out of 10, my home environment was okay. The last couple of months have been better, but still not great. This is because I am constantly at home (working and living), therefor all the stress remains with me at all times. Beyond that, I am tired of living in complexes (having noises around me at all times and not being able to get a doggo of my own).

Plan of action

  • Keep the apartment clean and organized at all times, and keep a clear separation between work and living environments.
  • Get an emotional support doggo.
  • Get a small house (hopefully in Cape Town, unless I get a boyfriend in Gauteng).


This was a financially tough year (with a rating of 1/10). I ended up not making ends meet most months and I have had to take out two personal loans throughout the course of the year. There was not one month where I didn’t get money from someone in order to make it to the end of the month.

Plan of action

  • Pay off all loans and depts.
  • Pay off car (the last payment is due in November).
  • Set up a budget and stick to it throughout the year.

Spiritual Well-being

This year was an interesting year in terms of the spiritual aspect of my life (I have give it a 3 out of 10). I have been conflicted most of the year. I am honestly not sure where I stand, however. I have been very spiritual, not necessarily religious.

So for this coming year, I would like to lean into defining the spirituality more and exploring the realms of my soul more in depth.

All and all, this year, with its evaluation, the year comes to an average of 3/10, which is definitely not a preferable rating to a year. I think that the 30 Before Thirty list is definitely improving the quality of life for me. I just wish I started doing these things earlier in the year. BUT at least I started.

So, for 2022, big changes await. I am going to embrace every new experience and start only doing things that serve my soul. I physically, mentally and spiritually cannot handle another year like the last. Follow along with the journey and if you have advise, leave a comment down below.

Until next time.


The Magnetic Compass

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