To see the beauty in the world around us: The list explained (part 7)

Leading up to the end of the list, things are really looking a little bit far-fetched to complete within the next couple of months, especially considering all of the external limitations surrounding numerous items on the list. However, life is not about the challenges you face, but about the way you react to them. The next few items on the list see a little bit more traveling again. I am particularly excited about item 26. I’ve been wanting to go there for the longest time (One of those places you forget about until someone reminds you of it).

Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

30 Before Thirty #24: Take my best friend for a spa weekend

Over the last couple of years, my best friend has had my back in so many ways, supporting me physically, emotionally, and at times financially. Kind of thinking of it, we have been very active in all aspects of each other’s lives. To say thank you to him, I would love to treat him to a spa weekend at the Drakensberg hotel and spa, “The Cavern” which looks absolutely incredible. We have been talking about a mountain retreat for just the two of us for so long, it would be absolutely fantastic if we could do it before we reach the age of 30.


30 Before Thirty #25: Go whale watching in Hermanus

Having lived in Betty’s Bay for a couple of months, as well as in Gordon’s Bay for a while, I have been wanting to go whale watching in Hermanus. The spring and summer months in Hermanus see the whale calving season.

30 Before Thirty #26: Visit the lavender farm in Franschhoek

In the mountains of Franschhoek, this lies a beautiful lavender farm where you can book yourself into a select few rooms with stunning views of the lavender fields. Imagine having a little photoshoot in the middle of the fields in bloom, or having a romantic getaway with your significant other. I would probably treat it as a retreat, just to get away from the big city life. To find my peace.


30 Before Thirty #27: Get a manicure

I have never been the girly type of girl, but since I stopped biting my nails, I have been really wanting to go get a proper manicure done. I never saw the point in doing a manicure, as I thought that having longer nails would annoy me, especially because I work on the computer every day. However, as of late, a beautifully decorated set of nails seem very appealing.


So, that’s it for these items on the list. I am actually very excited about this list again. I have been actively busy pursuing the items on the list, and I have been making some progress! I have been using to monitor my progress. An update on the progress on the list will be posted soon.

Until then,

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