New beginnings – The list explained (Part 8)

You guys! We made it! The last installment of the list explained! Obviously not final-final… There will be a mid-way recap coming up as well as one right after my birthday to recap everything that was done and that was not done over the course of the six months leading up to my Thirtieth! Now the real work starts to get as much as possible done without having to go completely broke. However, before we get there, let us look at the last 3 items on the 30 Before Thirty list that I had put together.

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30 Before Thirty #28: Buy a piece of land

Over the last couple of years, I have been looking all over South Africa for an appropriate place to set my roots into. I have been a wanderer, looking for a home for so long. What I have realized over the last couple of months (since starting the journey towards completing this list), is that home is where you are. I asked myself one simple question ‘If you were to remove the one thing that is stealing your joy from your life, would you still want to live here?’ The answer to that was a swift yes. So

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30 Before Thirty #29: Build my own home

I have always dreamed of having an A-frame house. Especially over the last couple of years with lifestyles seeming to slow down, people scaling down and a newfound fascination with cottage lifestyle has come up. My dream is to have a small A-frame home, away from the city, but close enough to not feel like you are living in the middle of nowhere.

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30 Before Thirty #30: Get a tattoo

Not sure if it is sacredness or caution (haha, my fear of commitment kicking in again), but even though I have been wanting to get a tattoo ever since I was in university, I could never get myself to actually bite the bullet and just go. I even know what I want to get. It is just mustering up the courage to go and do it. If the list has helped, for one thing, it’s helped me to push my own boundaries.

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Looking back now, this list was made to push me out of my comfort and push me into the direction in which I want my life to go in. A way for me to take control and extreme ownership of the life I have and the life I want. Even though I know that I will probably not do everything on this list, I know that I am at least working towards the items on the list. I have learned so much about myself already throughout the last couple of months.

Until next time.

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