you are like the weatherall four seasons in onetread lightlythe thunder roars inside of youholding back the rainfor another cloudy day you are like the weatherall four seasons in oneswooping in like a gust of windalways ready to save the dayyour light shines brightlyno one can bear to stay anyway you are like the weatherblissful…

spirit animal

lets run freewind bristling through our hairwandering without a careseeking each otherhowling at the moonwondrous moments made only for us twoas we run wildas we run free By The Magnetic Compass

cellphone problems

to my personal dismayyou are always close byyou are useful in emergenciesand during dull unpleasantriesalways alertalways so curtwhat would i do without you though?my companion and my biggest foe by The Magnetic Compass


we let it consume usallow it to dictate our pathslinger in that place in our mindsfar longer than what is required of usbrewing in our own unhappinessthe rest not knowing what you facesafe guarding the feelings of otherstaking it upon yourselfwe all have a course in this lifebeing held back by actionless guiltkeeps you in…

to forgive

the chains around your heartforged by grudges tearing you apartthe whimper of the voices in your headsoftly singing in your earyou utter the wordsstanding locked in complete fearreleasing all of your chainsevery word a link broken, tears like rainstreaming down your faceunfounded freedom in forgivenessworries left without a trace by The Magnetic Compass

lost friend

we met at a perfect time in both of our livesboth searching for someone’s loveinstead, we found someone we both neededour friendship saw long daysour friendship saw endless nightswe became confidantscomfortablegenuine soulmatesif only for a brief moment in timewe have both moved on after the tearseven though we haven’t spoken in yearsi do hope the…


the way you command a roomyour gaze never leaving mesoft eyes radiating pure strengthsubtle touches barely recognized by the resta peck on the cheekyour musky scent exhilaratingthe appreciation for the finer thingsa mind filled with curiosityhidden talents you only share privatelydare i say these things are all impressive to me by The Magnetic Compass

elemental divinity

your passion glows brightlyembers smoldering in a firemorals groundedstone keeping mountains highwill stronga gust of wind keeping swallows in-flightpatient endurancea riversteadily carving out its rightspirit freean eagle soaring through the skyyou were born for thisyour moment in timeyou are all the elements on earthcombined together into a great divine by The Magnetic Compass

fearless strides

it is what keeps you up at nightthe little things you are too scared to dosilent whispers keeping doubt alightcowardice remarks casting shadows on you throw it all away, my dearyou are ruled by the goddess of the moonshe herself knows no fearallow her brilliant light to shine upon you soon, my darlingyou will run…

skyline rivalry

the sun and moon are fightingfighting for their time to cast their lightto appease their subjects down on earth both seeking your facefaced with the same challenge every dayevery day they are left in a stand-offwild colors fill the air the sun putting up its last fight of the daythe night dawnsthe moon shinescasting its…