it has never bothered mefreedom of beingsolitude of thinkingloneliness of breathing it has never bothered meloneliness has grown to be a friendalone in a sea of voicesalone in a cave of emptinessit is all the samehollow, wanting, needing it has never bothered meas time goes bythe gaps between my fingers long for yoursthe cold side…

New beginnings – The list explained (Part 8)

You guys! We made it! The last installment of the list explained! Obviously not final-final… There will be a mid-way recap coming up as well as one right after my birthday to recap everything that was done and that was not done over the course of the six months leading up to my Thirtieth! Now…

A year of transformation – 2020 Quick recap

2020 Has been one heck of a year. It has been relentlessly life-changing to every person, but with the right attitude we can grow strong through the lessons learnt from it thus far. With only 4 months of the year left, what will you make of it?

Contemplating the dream life

What does your dream life look like in your mind’s eye. How hard are you working toward this dream life? Let us start working towards success.