fearless strides

it is what keeps you up at nightthe little things you are too scared to dosilent whispers keeping doubt alightcowardice remarks casting shadows on you throw it all away, my dearyou are ruled by the goddess of the moonshe herself knows no fearallow her brilliant light to shine upon you soon, my darlingyou will run…


an autumn breeze washing over youa field full of flowers waiting for springthe promise of rain on a cloudy daythe sun’s rays casting over your way a world of promise awaitsit fills the gaps in our heartsalways on the horizona new day awaits a hope meant to wakesheltered by faith by The Magnetic Compass

a flower in bloom

you taught me a lotnot through death, but through life you taught me to livealways to shine you were taken a little too soonsnatched from this life ready to bloom you were always a flowerweren’t you? always waiting for the sunriseplucked too soon now you are basking in a different lightforever in a wonderful full…

30 before Thirty: Taking charge of life

As I near thirty, I find myself longing for the woman I used to be more and more.
The woman who is carefree in nature, the woman who wakes up every morning excited for the day…

Contemplating your ideal day

We all have these ideas of what our perfect lives would be like if we had total control over every event in our lives. However, in this world we are not always free to choose some things in life. To formulate your ideal day, you would first have to describe what your day normally looks like and identify the areas where you would want to improve upon.

A journey of self discovery

A 30 day challenge for self-discovery. 30 Journey based prompts to help you discover where you are and where you are going in life.